These Pilates Studios Will Help You Get Fit Around the Main Line

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These Pilates studios and fitness facilities around the Main Line offer low-impact exercises to increase flexibility, strength and stability.

Although Pilates is a type of strength training, it differs from other strength training routines to which many may be accustomed. Pilates emphasizes muscular tone enhancement more so than muscle growth, although the final result is similar: increased stability and endurance. Pilates places a strong emphasis on the deep core muscles while also promoting balance in the mobility and strength of all the body’s major muscle groups. It enhances body awareness, flexibility, strength, balance and posture without the wear and tear of heavy cardio or weight training.

Interested in feeling the advantages for yourself? Visit a Pilates class at one of these facilities around the Main Line to determine if the trend is right for you. 


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Body Precision Inc

Bryn Mawr

Body Precision, which opened in 1995, is the top Pilates studio in the Main Line region, offering individualized private and semi-private lessons as well as small group programs. The highly qualified instructors focus on helping students overcome difficulties from pain and regain their strength, balance and flexibility. Over 300 instructors have graduated from the highly renowned Pilates Teacher Training course that Body Precision designed in 1998. 


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Bryn Mawr

The intense workouts offered here are built on Pilates-inspired moves. They’re made to push your muscles to their breaking point on the reformer for resistance training. Type 1 or slow-twitch muscle fibers are the focus of each slow, controlled workout. You can get the “shakes” when they decompose, which is wonderful because it signifies your muscles are growing stronger! This low-impact workout will increase your muscular endurance over time with consistent practice. You’ll begin to feel and see more pronounced muscle definition, as well as an improvement in your general muscular strength. 


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Pilates and More


Since 2002, Pilates and More has focused on functional movement for everyone. The studio offers classes that encourage strength, adaptability, stability and endurance revitalization. It’s goal is to leave everyone who visits feeling better tomorrow than they did the day before. 

LSF Pilates


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Pilates will lengthen and strengthen the muscles, promoting flexibility and mobility, in contrast to conventional workouts that can result in overuse and bulk. Maintaining muscular balance will keep you feeling, moving and looking your best. LSF offers a distinctive and cutting-edge approach by fusing the principles of Pilates with novel exercises and stretching. 

The Pilates Garden and Personal Training Studio


The Pilates Garden and Personal Training Studio is quite distinct, since it focuses solely on personal and private instruction. Programs are tailored to each person’s unique requirements and objectives. Since pain is not a lifestyle choice, the staff aims to help each visitor eliminate it and improve overall well-being.

Pilates Connexion 


Pilates harmonizes the mind, body and soul in a way that minimizes stress and inflammation while fostering health and well-being. Those who visit Pilates Connexion in Swarthmore will be able to achieve better form, maintain proper alignment and posture and breathe more easily with regular practice.  

Pathway Pilates Studio


Pathway Pilates provides individual, semi-private and group lessons both locally and virtually. The studio places a strong emphasis on assisting clients with achieving their unique health objectives. All body types can benefit from Pilates, which emphasizes movements that are useful in daily life. In order for clients to feel strong and healthy, Pathway Pilates helps them develop a sense of ownership over their bodies. 

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