Out of Line, Out of a Job

When it comes to the Web, adults need to watch their P’s and Q’s as much as the youngsters. More and more employers are lurking.

I usually post articles about saving money. But this time, I’m talking about saving your job.

Whether you have a good position or are looking for something new, think very carefully about what you post on social media sites. Sounds like a no-brainer—until you hear business etiquette expert Barbara Pachter tell some stories. One woman who was on a business trip in New Orleans posted: “Off to another dumb meeting, would rather be on Bourbon Street.”

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“We’re seeing a lot of inappropriate posts,” says job consultant and social media expert Kristin Kane from Kane Partners in Lansdale. “People think they’re funny, but they may be offending. And it’s starting to shift to the older person, for lack of a better term.”

We think it’s the younger generations who just can’t control what they comment and tweet, whether it’s a picture from a drunken party or the fact that they’re interviewing for a new job. But experts tell me they’re hearing about mature workers who forget the reach of social media.

“More and more companies are using (social media) to find out about employees,” says Jay Mossman, president and CEO of Akcelerant in Malvern. “So it’s easy to find out what people are doing on their free time.”


• Don’t put anything on the Internet that you don’t want your current/future boss or current/potential clients to read.

• Never post when you’re overly tired, jet-lagged, intoxicated, angry or upset.

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• Check to see if your company has a social media policy. Companies are increasingly developing guidelines.

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