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Our Staff Picks a Few Favorites for July


July 24 at the XPoNential Festival

Recommended by Hobart Rowland

There’s a reason why David Letterman invited Dawes to perform live on one of his final shows. He thinks this Los Angeles outfit is one of the greatest rock bands on the planet (and it’s best not to argue with Dave). The group’s new album, All Your Favorite Bands, may not be its finest effort, top to bottom. But it has its moments—especially those that most closely resemble mid-’70s Jackson Browne. Visit www.xpn.org. 


Recommended by Melissa Jacobs

It really does look like a torture device—but the wheels and pulleys of this machine do amazing things for muscle tone, posture and flexibility. Bodi Revive owner Nina Didner is a former ballet dancer who overcame scoliosis with Gyrotonics, straightening her spine by building her back and core muscles. It uses a wider range of movement than Pilates, strengthening the joint and its surrounding muscle.

26 Summit Grove Ave., Suite 208, Bryn Mawr, (610) 203-7321, www.bodirevive.com. 


By Lynda Barness 
(iUniverse Books, 191 pages)

Recommended by Tara Behan

As the founder of I Do Wedding Consulting in Philadelphia, there’s not much Barness hasn’t seen or experienced, from bridezillas (and even a few groomzillas) to near-disastrous wedding-day mishaps. Her revealing new book is a thoroughly entertaining compendium of matrimonial do’s and don’ts.