One Reader Threatens to Cancel Her Subscription

Homeless feature and gift guide a little too close for comfort.

Via snail mail …

So, whose idea was the juxtaposition of “Homeless for the Holidays” and “Wrap It Up” in November’s issue?

The lists from the homeless Philadelphians are pretty much the same—basic necessities. The suggested list for subscribers to Main Line Today in the second article is just a tad different: a Samsung 85-inch television that sells for a mere $39,999, a diamond-and-gold watch for $2,145, a scarf for $279, and so on and so on—basic luxuries.

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What a graphic example of the haves and have-nots! It made me slightly sick to my stomach. 

I’ve been a Main Line Today subscriber since the beginning, and I’m sincerely considering canceling my subscription. Has your staff no compassion, no understanding, no consideration for the marginalized members of our society? Was this intended to be humorous?  Was it intended to make those of us who can afford those expensive nonessentials feel superior or safe or smug or gleeful? Really? Your bad.

—Antoinette Betz, Bryn Mawr

From the editor:

The purpose of “Homeless for the Holidays” was to showcase the stunning photography of King of Prussia’s Sunny Miller and to turn the spotlight on his worthy cause at a time when many of us are considering our philanthropic options. Miller reports that he’s seen a significant spike in donations since the story ran, which is a credit to our readers.our readers.

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