Pick up These Nonfiction Books From Main Line Area Authors

These winter nonfiction releases by authors from the Main Line area make for a great addition to your winter reading list.

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Get the fireplace roaring, brew yourself a hot cup of coffee and cozy up under a warm blanket. These nonfiction books from Main Line authors make for great winter reading or an addition to your coffee table. Enjoy musings on everything from sports to the grand nature of the universe or the inner workings of the human body while the snow falls outside.

The Allure of the Multiverse by Paul Halpern


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A professor of physics at St. Joseph’s, Halpern’s works are so prolific he was once featured on The Simpsons. His latest release, as recent as January 16, focuses on theoretical physics, extra dimensions and other worlds. Drawing on visionaries like Albert Einstein, Friedrich Nietzsche and even the creators of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this Main Line area author not only examines the science behind the multiverse, but also its place in pop culture.

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Black History in the Philadelphia Landscape by Amy Jane Cohen

Amy Jane Cohen learned her history by teaching it. With years spent as a professor at Bryn Mawr and Haverford College, as well as time at both Temple and Drexel Universities, Cohen delves deep into Black experiences in Philadelphia from the 1600s through the late-1960s. This title releases February 2, and you can get your copy signed at Cohen’s event at Narberth Bookshop on February 8.

Steeped: The Chemistry of Teaby Michelle Frank


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This book from Bryn Mawr College Professor of Chemistry Michelle Francl takes a deep dive into the science behind the world’s most popular beverage. Looking for find deeper sleep, manage caffeine intake or brew more fragrant tea? Francl takes an analytical look at how the chemically perfect cup of tea can change your life.

The Curious History of the Heart by Vincent Figueredo


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The Curious History of the Heart is more than surface level. For thousands of years, the heart, not the brain, was considered the center of human emotion, intelligence, memory and soul. This novel traces human knowledge of the heart and examines its significance in the history of art, religion, culture and philosophy. A cardiologist and physical scientist for over 30 years, Figueredo’s knowledge of the heart is rarely matched. Meet the author and get your copy signed at this event in Plymouth Meeting on February 3.

Our Ancient Faith: Lincoln, Democracy, and the American Experiment by Allen Guelzo

Guelzo is a Civil War specialist. He’s spent decades studying its chief characters and examining the backgrounds, motivations and machinations of these mighty figures. His next release, coming February 6, is already ranked #1 in Amazon Books for abolition history. Guelzo’s dive into Lincoln’s actions on civil liberties and thoughts on race gets to the heart of American democracy and the relevance of the principles of our 16th president 150 years later. Get your nonfiction copy signed by Guelzo himself at Main Point Books on February 15.

The NFL Off Camera by Bob Angelo, Ray Didinger


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Bob Angelo’s 40-plus years at NFL Films have given him unique insight on the inner-workings of “America’s game.” The NFL Off-Camera explores dozens of football’s wackiest personalities and busts many of its enduring myths. With a foreword from WIP radio legend Ray Didinger, this nonfiction book is bursting with stories of Philadelphia sports folklore.

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