Refreshing Dip

Somewhere in your basement, a dusty fondue pot sits longing for a velvety pool of cheese or dark chocolate—a once-coveted object gone neglected over cries of “all that chopping” and visions of gloppy, oily, cheesy disasters. For you, there’s The Melting Pot, a place with no cooking appliances in its kitchen and a diplomatic approach to the division of labor.

The menu is a little daunting, so pay attention or you’ll over-order and get all weepy when the check comes. Options are priced “per couple” but feed three easily—a three-tiered choice of salad, cheese, entrée and dessert fondues with the price difference boiling down to lobster tail. Because the proteins are infused with various marinades, we chose a simple court bouillon. Other selections include the “Coq au Vin,” an herbed broth embellished with mushrooms, garlic, spices and burgundy wine. The cheddar, lager and Emmenthaler fondue was a hit with the kids, who enjoyed its sweet, nutty flavor with chunks of crisp green apples and bread. The lobster tail and filet gulped up the broth and took to the fondue method quite well. More temperamental were the balsamic-marinated sirloin and citrus pork tenderloin—lively enough, but occasionally tough.

Other than dipping the filet, mushrooms and potatoes into the mildly pungent Gorgonzola and herby “Green Goddess” sauces, we skipped the condiments for a few shakes of salt and pepper. The best bites of the night were scooped up from the bottom of the pot—bits and pieces of the veggies enhanced by the seafood and meats. Don’t point your fork at the kitchen, though. This meal’s on you.

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150 Allendale Road, King of Prussia; (610) 265-7195,

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