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Merion Mercy Academy Grad Goes With her Gut


Muggles around the globe celebrated the launch of Pottermore, the website that cele-brates the world created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series. At the helm of that red-hot digital community is CEO Susan Jurevics, who graduated from Merion Mercy Academy in 1985 and has enjoyed a long, successful career in marketing and management for companies like Mattel, Nickelodeon and Sony Corporation of America.

While Harry Potter had no trouble getting accepted to Hogwarts, Jurevics had a different experience with higher education. “After applying to six colleges, I didn’t get accepted to my top choices and was wait-listed at Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.,” Jurevics says. “I finally got accepted, after what seemed like an eternity. But there was a major catch: I would have to start my college career there in January, after the school year had begun the previous fall.

Nearly everyone I knew suggested I go somewhere else. But I followed my instincts, wound up going there midyear and had a great experience at the school. In hindsight, this was a surprising and powerful lesson about the power of choice and listening to your gut instincts.”