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Malvern's SolareAmerica Solar Power Innovations

Continued from Great Valley Middle School.

John Scorsone at a new SolareAmerica project in Sadsburyville. SolareAmerica president John Scorsone’s previous experience in the oil and chemical industries has provided him with a unique view of the real issues. “We demand solutions and we’re always looking to build a better mouse trap,” he says. “Out-of-the-box thinking is what we do best.”

Green credentials: SolareAmerica’s motto is “Go Green, Make Green!” “The environmental benefits, along with the geopolitical reasons for utilizing solar energy, are undeniable,” says Scorsone. “But we focus on the economic benefits so we can give our customers all the information they need to make an educated decision.”

Green innovation: SolareAmerica’s next-generation Solar Canopy System provides 35-55 percent more solar-energy production than any other system on the market.

Bragging rights: After two-plus years of development, the Solar Canopy System prototype—engineered and built for Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, N.J.—is so remarkable that plans are to protect the design and intellectual property, then market it to the world. “Really, all we’re doing is getting back to what made our country great,” Scorsone says. “I like to think about it as old-time, common-sense solutions. My grandparents always lived their lives in a green, renewable way. They never wasted a thing and were always conscious of their actions and bottom line. They did it because it made sense.”

Green dream: For the renewable energy industry to have the same absolute power and political clout this century that the oil and gas industry enjoyed last century. “That would allow an economic boom this country hasn’t seen since the Internet revolution,” says Scorsone.

To learn more, visit solareamerica.com or call (888) 945-0009.

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