Main Liner Q&A: What's Catherine C. Wilt's No. 1 Mantra?

It’s a thoughtful one, as are the Academy of Natural Sciences library director’s other responses.

Catherine C. Wilt, 56, Drexel Hill
Director of Library Services and Archives, Academy of Natural Sciences

» Book on her nightstand: Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff.

» iPod music on repeat: I have tickets to see Shawn Mullins this summer; I actually had breakfast with him last year on a music cruise. I’m also a fan of Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, Bruce Hornsby and Eric Clapton.

» Restaurant of the hour: Santa Fe Burrito in Wynnewood.

» Personal hero: Rosa Parks, because she stood up for what she believed was right.

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» One thing she knows for sure: My time in life is limited; it’s finite. So I want to make the most of it.

» Very own vici: I’m a cancer survivor. Eleven years ago, I had Stage IV breast cancer, and I was told to get my affairs in order. I completed a regimen of allopathic and alternative medicine, and I believe I’m alive today because of the alternative approach.

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» Zen destination: Assateague Island (off the coast of Maryland and Virginia) when no one’s there in the winter.

» If she had an extra hour each day, she would: Meditate. I’m a “baby Buddhist,” which means I practice being in the moment.

» Life view: chance or fate? I don’t believe there’s any such thing as coincidence, so I guess I’d choose fate. But I also believe that humans have more power than we realize, so our fate is controlled from within.

» Pet peeve: People walking through Suburban Square while looking down at their phones. If you’re going to text, please move into the right lane.

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» Signature characteristic: My laugh.

» Qualities she admires most in others: Honesty and integrity.

» Mantra: Bigger isn’t better; better is better.

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