Main Line Salaries: See How Much Main Line Professionals and Sports Celebs Like the Phillies’ Roy Halladay Earn

The earnings most people won’t reveal (but everyone wants to know).

Times are (still) tough, but we’re betting the recession hasn’t quelled your obsession with the mighty dollar. Our annual salaries survey touches on just about every profession on the Main Line. If it’s not here, it isn’t for lack of effort on our part. And to those bigwigs who made the list without their knowledge, please don’t hate us!

Restaurant Staff
The Billionaire’s Club
State and City Government
Public Servants

Donna Marie Buscaglia, Bark Avenue Boutique, Ardmore
Joseph Ferrer, Jay Michael Salon Group, Radnor
Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies
Maki Garcia Evans, Cupcakes Gourmet, Malvern/Wayne/Ardmore
Todd Zimmermann, Pictures by Todd Photography, Bryn Mawr
Andrea Elovson, Sleepy Bug, Montgomery County
Alicia H. Nathanson, Blossom Productions, Bala Cynwyd

Top Employers in Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties

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Donna Marie Buscaglia

Owner, The Bark Avenue Boutique, Ardmore

What she makes: $50,000/year.

Average hours worked per week: 75-80.

Typical workweek: “I’m in my store from open until close, seven days a week. Customers are my first priority, and if they’ve brought in their pup, I’m on the floor giving them lots of love and attention. My customers are like family, and so many have become great friends.”

Best part of her job: “I definitely don’t feel like this is a job—or even work. Beautiful, happy people and things constantly surround me.”

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Previous profession: A vice president in the banking industry.
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Joseph Ferrer

Master Stylist/Editorial Artist, Jay Michael Salon Group, Radnor

What he makes: $100,000+/year.

Average hours worked per week: 40-75.

Best part of his job: “After 30 years in the business, through the ups and downs, I still love my job. Creating great hair is a difficult art. It’s psychologically rewarding when making a client connection. I enjoy participating in fashion shows in New York because it completes my artistic side and allows me to bring back fresh styles to my clients.”

Thing he’d like to change: The perception of the industry. “Doing hair sounds Barbie doll simple, but stand on your feet daily for a solid nine hours and we’ll talk. It’s very satisfying, but demanding both physically and mentally.”

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Roy Halladay

Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies

What he makes: $15,750,000/year.

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Maki Garcia Evans

Founder and Master Baker, Cupcakes Gourmet, Malvern, Wayne and Ardmore

What she makes: $0. (Her 2010 earnings were reinvested in the business.)

Average hours worked per week: 60.

Typical workweek: “I oversee all aspects of the business from baking and event management to customer relations and marketing design. My personal goal is to create a loving customer experience and delicious cupcakes that embody our mission of ‘love tastes like this.’”

Best part of her job: “Interacting with people and celebrating life’s special moments with cupcakes.”

Previous profession: Makeup artist for high fashion and wedding print and broadcast. “I had a similar goal at Cupcakes Gourmet: providing love and pleasure to each of life’s moments by making people feel good about themselves.”
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Todd Zimmermann

Owner, Pictures by Todd Photography, Bryn Mawr

What he makes: $4,500-$5,500 per wedding (plus income from commercial and corporate projects).

Average hours worked per week: 55-60.

Typical workweek: “I spend an average of 30-40 hours on each wedding, from initial consultations with the couple to album design and retouching.”

Best part of his job: “Every week and every job I have is different. I’d get bored doing the same thing every day. The appreciation and gratitude that we get from clients is really my main motivator.”

Previous profession: Manager of a camera store and photo lab in downtown Philadelphia.
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Andrea Elovson

Owner, Sleepy Bug, Montgomery County

What she makes: $80/hour for phone consults, $100 for home visits.

Average hours worked per week: 15-20 hours.

Typical workweek: “As an infant and toddler sleep coach, my days are never the same. I spend a majority of my time coaching parents. I run workshops and sleep clinics in and around Philadelphia, so I keep up with the latest pediatric sleep research and update my presentations.”

Best part of her job: “The relief I hear in my clients’ voices when I tell them that they aren’t the only ones whose baby isn’t sleeping. As a new mom, I thought my baby should ‘sleep like a baby.’ Most don’t. I love that I get to hear the truth, not a glossy version of motherhood. It keeps me grounded in my own role as a mom.”

Previous profession: Documentary television producer. “I produced news shows for the Discovery Channel, CNN and PBS. It was an exciting job, but it doesn’t mesh well with being a mom.”
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Alicia H. Nathanson

Co-owner, Blossom Productions, Bala Cynwyd

What she makes: $3,000-$5,000 per project.

Average hours worked per week: 40.

Best part of her job: “On the surface, we’re capturing a couple’s story on their wedding day as it’s naturally happening, with a modern, stylish, cinematic look. For me, it goes a bit deeper than that. The real gratification comes when we’ve preserved the emotion of the day.”

Dream job: “At this point in my life, this is my dream job.”

Previous profession: Television producer. “I traveled to almost every continent in the world, working 12- to 18-hour days, producing television for networks like TLC, the Travel Channel and E!”
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Eat (and Drink) Here

We tapped Connor Cummins, co-owner of Molly Maguire’s Irish Restaurant & Pub in Phoenixville and Lansdale, for currect restaurant-industry standard wages.

» Bartender (day): $6/hour, plus tips
» Bartender (night): $3/hour, plus tips
» Chef, downtown Philadelphia restaurant: $50,000-$100,000
» Chef, suburban restaurant: $45,000-$75,000
» General manager, downtown Philadelphia restaurant: $70,000+
» General manager, suburban restaurant: $45,000-$60,000
» Line chef: $30/hour
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The Billionaire’s Club

Who wants to be a millionaire when you can be a billionaire? We don’t know the actual annual salaries of the following local folks who made 2010’s “Forbes 400: The Richest People in America,” but we’re impressed enough with their net worth.

» Mary Alice Dorrance Malone, Coatesville, Campbell Soup heiress: $2.5 billion
» James Kim, Bryn Mawr, microchip entrepreneur: $1.3 billion
» Richard Hayne, Chester County, Urban Outfitters founder: $1.3 billion
» Jeffrey Lurie, Haverford, Philadelphia Eagles owner: $1 billion
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Looking for a Job?

You may want to try one of Pennsylvania’s top employers (according to the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis).

Chester County
1. Vanguard Group
2. Federal government
3. Siemens Medical Solutions USA
4. Chester County
5. QVC

Delaware County
1. The Boeing Company
2. Crozer-Chester Medical Center
3. Delaware County
4. Federal government
5. United Parcel Service

Montgomery County
1. Merck & Co.
2. Abington Memorial Hospital
3. State government
4. Main Line Health
5. Federal government
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CEO Watch

CEO salaries are based on the most recent information available at press time. Some CEOs’ salaries include additional compensation.

Richard T. Clark, chairman/president/CEO, Merck & Co.: $11,892,903

W. Edmund Clark, president/CEO, TD Bank Financial Group: $12,980,421

Douglas R. Conant, president/CEO, Campbell Soup Co.: $11,557,212

Jeffrey B. Kindler, chairman/CEO, Pfizer: $13,659,266

Gregory B. Maffei, president/CEO, Liberty Media: $87,489,469

W. James McNerney Jr., chairman/president/CEO, Boeing Co.: $13,705,435

Robert L. Parkinson Jr., chairman/CEO, Baxter International: $11,843,053

Brian L. Roberts, chairman/president/CEO, Comcast Corp.: $24,993,933

John W. Rowe, chairman/CEO, Exelon Corp.: $12,036,882

Thomas M. Ryan, chairman/president/CEO, CVS Caremark Corp.: $16,231,292

Glen T. Senk, CEO, Urban Outfitters: $29,944,180

Robert J. Stevens, chairman/president/CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp.: $20,473,451

Ronald A. Williams, chairman/CEO, Aetna: $16,392,345

Andrew Witty, CEO, GlaxoSmithKline: $12,595,450
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State and City Brass

Government salaries are based on the most recent information available at press time.

Tom Corbett, governor of Pennsylvania: $177,888

Bill Ward, Corbett’s chief of staff: $154,133

Annmarie Kaiser, Corbett’s secretary of legislative affairs: $135,003

Brian Westmoreland, Corbett’s special assistant: $119,003

Kevin Harley, Corbett’s director of communications and press secretary: $145,018

Kenya Mann, Pennsylvania’s inspector general: $126,000

Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia: $195,000 (before furlough days)
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At Your (Public) Service

Animal warden, Lower Merion: $61,258

Assistant township manager, Lower Merion: $122,921

Chief fire officer/fire marshal, Lower Merion: $90,465

Director of finance/CFO, Lower Merion: $107,854

Director of parking services, Lower Merion: $78,408

Parking meter attendant, Lower Merion: $42,461

Police detective, Radnor: $79,750

Police lieutenant, Radnor: $109,374

Police officer, Radnor: $68,358-$75,953

Police superintendent, Lower Merion: $135,126

School crossing guard, Lower Merion: $16,138

Refuse collector, Radnor: $53,616

Refuse truck driver, Radnor: $56,107

Township manager, Lower Merion: $193,324
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Fran Dunphy, head coach, Temple University men’s basketball team: $700,000 (2009)

Jay Wright, head coach, Villanova University men’s basketball team: $1,983,769 (2009)

Charlie Manuel, manager, Phillies: $3 million (estimated)

Andy Reid, head coach, Philadelphia Eagles: $3.5 million (estimated)

Chase Utley, second base, Phillies: $15,285,714

Cliff Lee, pitcher, Phillies: $9 million

Jimmy Rollins, shortstop, Phillies: $8.5 million

Shane Victorino, center field, Phillies: $5 million

Jason Peters, offensive team, Eagles: $11,456,000

Asante Samuel, cornerback, Eagles: $8,895,000

Trent Cole, defensive end, Eagles: $2,900,000

Reggie Wells, offensive guard, Eagles: $2.4 million

Chris Pronger, defenseman, Flyers: $7.6 million

Daniel Briere, center, Flyers: $7 million

Mike Richards, center, Flyers: $6.4 million

Andrej Meszaros, defenseman, Flyers: $4 million

Nikolay Zherdev, right wing, Flyers: $2 million

Elton Brand, power forward, Sixers: $15,959,099

Andre Iguodala, shooting guard, Sixers: $12,345,250

Jason Kapono, small forward, Sixers: $6,641,440

Evan Turner, shooting guard, Sixers: $4,602,720
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Class Acts

Kindergarten teacher, West Chester Area School District: $47,640

Eight-year veteran teacher (with master’s degree), Lower Merion School District: $76,467

Eight-year veteran teacher (with master’s degree), Radnor School District: $58,816

Thirteen-year veteran teacher (with master’s degree), Lower Merion School District: $101,129

Thirteen-year veteran teacher (with master’s degree), Radnor School District: $76,125

Superintendent (2008-2009), Lower Merion School District: $195,000

Superintendent (2008-2009), Radnor School District: $194,000

Superintendent, Philadelphia School District: $338,000

Superintendent (2008-2009), West Chester Area School District: $225,000
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All the Rest

Babysitter: $12/hour

Bagger, Acme Markets: $7.25/hour

Béke Beau, makeup artist: $700/day (editorial/commercial work)

Christina Duff and Elizabeth Larkin, doulas/owners, Well Born Baby: $1,000/client

Elizabeth Chance, owner/concierge, Bizzy Concierge: $40/hour

Dental assistant: $14-$17/hour

Dental assistant (expanded duties): $23-$28/hour

Dental hygienist: $33-$38/hour

Director, Philadelphia Museum of Art: $450,000

Dog groomer, Canine Creature Comforts: $50,000-$60,000

Dog walker: $16 per 30-minute walk

Dog trainer, Canine Creature Comforts: $40,000-$60,000

Harpist: $150/hour

Home stager: $75-$125/hour

House cleaner: $150-$200/week per house

Interior designer: $115-$150/hour

Kelly McBride, owner/pilates instructor, Belly Pilates: $65-$80/session

Musician, Brandywine Valley Talent: $300-$600 per private event

Personal trainer: $50,000+

Pet sitter (overnight, 12 hours): $75

Professional organizer (residential): $100-$125/hour

Tennis instructor: $30/hour

Yoga instructor (private studio): $35-$50 per session

Yoga instructor (gym): $25 per session

Zumba instructor (certified): $45-$50/hour

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