Main Line Designer Advice: Marcello Luzi

If you don’t want your hard design work to go to waste, invest in great lighting. Read more advice from this Ardmore designer, including his favorite decor color, his favorite possessions and more.

Marcello Luzi freely acknowledges that the one designer who inspires him most is the guy in the mirror. “I eat, breath, sleep and dream design,” he says. “I observe the world around me—nature, fashion, art and architecture—and I’m influenced by all I see and read.”

The managing principal of Ardmore’s Weixler Peterson Luzi tackles residential and commercial projects as close by as Bryn Mawr and as far away as Italy. “I’m a collection of all I’ve seen, learned and designed for over 26 years,” he says. “My latest project is always the one with the most of my experiences in it.”

Personal decorating style: Eclectic. “It’s the hardest to do well, but when properly exe-cuted, it has the most depth and richness.”

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Favorite room in his house: The living room. “It’s where we eat, watch television, host family gatherings, sit and enjoy the fireplace, read, etc. It’s the heart of my home.”

Most prized possessions: “My art. Good art finishes a room and makes it special and unique.”

Best design advice he gives: “Hire a professional. You’ll get the best results and more value for the money with less effort and fewer mistakes.”

Color he couldn’t design without: White. “It works with every color and makes all colors relevant.”

Design element he most often incorporates: “Good lighting. Without it, everything else suffers.”

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Favorite design trend: “This new eclecticism of mixing various styles and cultures into one space. It truly is the most challenging, but also the most exhilarating.” 

Favorite rooms to design: Family rooms. “Those multi-functional great rooms and living rooms where everyone gathers. They give me the greatest chance to be creative in layout, style and color.”

His definition of good taste: “A beautiful room that looks effortless, as though it just came together on its own.”

Biggest decorating faux pas he’s seen: “Trying to do too much. Design is all about editing.”

Three words that sum up his design: “Elegant, eclectic, classic.”

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