6 Ways to Cultivate a Calm Routine in a Chaotic World

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A Main Line area expert gives six pieces of advice on how to manage your daily routine in these uncertain times.

Day-to-day living can be downright chaotic. Setting daily routines and schedules can help us cope with change, helping to create healthy habits, improve interpersonal relationships and reduce stress. Predictability is the exact opposite of uncertainty. Knowing what to expect reduces the stress that can lead to anxiety and depression.

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Here are six daily routines you can implement now to help cultivate a calm routine:

1. Start a journal. Journaling is especially helpful for those struggling with symptoms of an anxiety disorder. Consider it a routine of mental restoration and wellness, as well as a starting place for clarity and manifestation.

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2. Get physical. Set aside time each day to focus on your physical health. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym. Instead, schedule a few minutes of a high-intensity activity like jumping jacks or running in place to feel better and get those endorphins going.

3. Schedule breaks throughout the day. Make time for reading, listening to music, going for a walk or talking to a friend or family member. The key is to make a point for downtime in which you can pursue an activity you enjoy.

4. Make time to be alone. We learn a lot about ourselves when we spend time alone. It also allows us to recharge and refresh from life’s hectic pace.

5. Reduce social media consumption. Try to set a limit of 30 minutes a day.

6. Avoid overexposure to the news media. Be mindful of how often you expose yourself to upsetting news and the sources you rely on. Set time limits—say, 15 minutes two to three times a day. If your emotional health is suffering, you may want to consider taking a complete break.

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