Main Line Chamber of Commerce Gives Local Business a Green Makeover

From floor to ceiling, local businesses are getting the royal green treatment with the help of MLCC’s Go Green Committee.

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Go Green Committee chair Roderick Wolfson.
What was once a dormant initiative has blossomed once again: The Main Line Chamber of Commerce’s Go Green Committee is back in action, greening local businesses one by one.

Green credentials: Contrary to popular belief, it is easy being green—and not just for those who can afford solar panels and hybrid cars. Main Line business leaders are finally coming together to make some pretty decent proposals, loaded with far-reaching results. “There’s no shortage of education out there showing people how to follow a greener lifestyle,” says Go Green Committee chair Roderick Wolfson. “That’s not what’s inhibiting people—and it’s not financial barriers, either.”

Green innovation: The annual Green Makeover sprung from a partnership between MLCC and Ardmore makeup artist Béke Beau, who drew on her experience in the beauty industry to come up with the idea. The result was a floor-to-ceiling “makeover” of Ardmore law firm Silver & Silver that included an energy audit, lighting analysis and cost estimates on energy upgrades.

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Bragging rights: The committee has worked with Ardmore’s Suburban Square to update its water system, add energy-efficient lighting in the farmers’ market, and introduce compostable cutlery and food containers at Sweetgreen.

Green dream: Some of the easiest fixes are often the simplest. “We have to figure out how to create programs to remove whatever barriers are stopping businesses from being greener,” says Wolfson.

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