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Local Designer Wins CNBC’s Most Loved Beer Label Contest


When shopping for beer, often a label will catch my eye. The colors pop, the wording is humorous or it may just simply be beautiful. Even though what is inside the bottle is most important, label art can play a large part in choosing a beer to buy.

CNBC agrees that beer label art deserves to be recognized and turned to its readers to choose a winner in a nationwide battle. After several rounds of voting, New York’s Newburgh Brewing Company Cream Ale took home the honors of most loved label. It was designed by Modern Good’s Matt Bouloutian of Havertown. Founded in 2009, Modern Good is a design firm based out of Philadelphia.

“This contest has been a great way to showcase the talented design work put forth by designers and breweries alike,” said Bouloutian. “Design work by its very nature is a fun and creative process, but collaborating with a brewery on a beer label takes that fun to the next level. Modern Good is proud to be part of Newburgh’s ‘Most Loved Label.’”

Inspiration for the winning label came from the origins of cream ale itself, with an iconic Betsy the Cow taking center stage.

“The label has a pop/craft impression that is lighthearted but conveys a respect for heritage,” explains Bouloutian. “Cream ale has deep roots in the Hudson Valley, and this label captures the region, its rich history and the spirit of Newburgh Brewing.”