Lifting Your Voice Encourages Main Line Women to Reconnect

A wellness retreat hosted by Tracy Davidson and Jen Croneberger, Lifting Your Voice invites women across the Main Line region to reconnect.

As women, it’s easy to get lost in taking care of those around us that we forget to check in with ourselves. The day-to-day routine can have us feeling worn down and burnt out, yet we continue to show up for those who need us, at home and in the workplace. This common sentiment is what inspired NBC 10 news anchor Tracy Davidson and motivational speaker Jen Croneberger to create Lifting Your Voice, a semi-annual women’s self-care and wellness retreat.

Jen Croneberger and Tracy Davidson
Four-time TEDx speaker, author and podcast host Jen Croneberger and 11-time Emmy Award winner Tracy Davidson

Davidson and Croneberger connected over the feeling that they were both at the end of their ropes. “We talked about this culture to be all things to all people as women. When can we give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves?” Davidson says of the event’s conception back in 2018. “We created Lifting Your Voice after hearing from women in various circles in our own community. Women need a break, a pause so they could get reconnected to themselves. They need time to shut out the noise of the world and hear their own voice, to strengthen their voice. That’s what Lifting Your Voice is all about.”

Above all, the to-do is all about reflecting and reconnecting, not only with other women but within yourself as well. Topics include stress, time management, relationships, negative self-talk, gratitude, goals, vulnerability and empathy.

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reconnect at Lifting Your Voice

Each year, the itinerary for the day is focused around one five-letter word. “We did ‘brave,’ we did ‘light,’ we did ‘grace’ and we’re doing ‘worth’ next,” says Croneberger. The events of the day are for everyone. “You don’t have to be an exhausted, worn-out mom or a working woman,” Croneberger explains. “There’s no definition of who belongs in the room. When you show up, you belong.”

Davidson adds, “We all struggle with the same things. We all need uplifting once in a while. We all definitely need the connection and the tribe.” While the day’s activities are centered around an agenda, conversation is more free-flowing, and guests are encouraged to share their personal thoughts and battles.

reconnect at women's self-care and wellness retreat

Participants will enjoy breakfast, lunch, workshops and an extravagant swag bag worth more than $150. A raffle also takes place to benefit the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, a local nonprofit working to reduce and prevent domestic violence in the region.

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Taking the time to refresh is what Lifting Your Voice is all about. “We’ve created a really beautiful community of women who come together to be vulnerable, celebrate their own strength and power, sit in the fire with each other, see each other and be seen,” Croneberger describes. “That’s really powerful.”

Tickets can be purchased here.

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