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Levante Brewing Company to Release Its First Canned Beer


All photos courtesy of Levante Brewing Company

Levante Brewing Company has quickly become a favorite destination for consistently solid beers since opening in 2015. The West Chester brewery is among the many successful new crafters in the region and will soon release its inaugural canned beer.

While Levante’s beers are readily available on tap at its West Chester brewery and in restaurants throughout the region, up until now, the company has only released bottles of a few select beers, creating high demand.

For the first time, Levante is putting its beer in cans, beginning with Locked in the Trunk IPA. The cans will be released on Dec. 21, at 5 p.m. at the brewery. Levante previously produced a single barrel of Locked in the Trunk to rave reviews.

Levante's Locked in the Trunk label

Locked in the Trunk will be available in 16-ounce cans and will be sold as a four pack or case. Just 166 cases will be available.

“Locked in the Trunk is a hazy IPA where the base malt of the beer is similar to our Belgian Tripel. However, our house yeast strain for IPAs is utilized along with considerable dry-hopping treatments of Citra hops. Citra hops provide beers with intense citrus aroma and flavor,” says Jim Adams, owner and director of retail operations and customer outreach. “The craft community tends to call beers laden with Citra hops ‘Juice-Bombs,’ and Locked in the Trunk does not disappoint in this area!”

The beer will be canned on-site at the brewery by River City Cannery on the same day as the release. “We want to maintain the highest freshness possible, so we are canning and releasing on the same day. It’s critical as this is a 100 percent Citra hop-based IPA. The craft beer community demands freshness for this style of beer, and we are excited to offer it,” adds Adams.

Locked in the Trunk will be released from the brewhouse section of Levante. The brewery will offer free samples of some of its other offerings for those waiting.

208 Carter Dr., Suite 2, West Chester, (484) 999-8761, www.levantebrewing.com.

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