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Laura Vanderkam


Frustrated over the negative opinions associated with time management, Laura Vanderkam set out to study the habits of moms who earn over six figures. Through her research, the Gladwyne resident discovered that her subjects worked 44 hours, slept more than seven hours a night, and had an average of 70 hours a week for other activities. “These high-achieving women with families had far more balanced lives than most would think,” she says. 

Vanderkam incorporated the results into her eye-opening book, I Know How She Does It. “I found that people could make their lives more pleasant by being more mindful about spending time on things that matter most,” she says. “You view your time differently. You’re accountable in a way you hadn’t been before.”

A shining example of her own study, Vanderkam has written four books that have collectively sold hundreds of thousands of copies. She also blogs regularly and is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fortune and Fast Company

Laura Vanderkam
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