Keeping Your Reorganization Resolutions

Organization experts share their tips for getting and staying organized in 2016.

Every year, it’s seems like the same old resolutions: lose weight, get organized, clean out the closet. A new year provides a fresh start and that includes your wardrobe and junk drawers. If it seems like your favorite sweater has been lost in the void that is the back of the closet, or a pair of shoes has all but disappeared, it might be time to finally tackle the mess.

Getting organized can be difficult, especially when it involves getting rid of items that might have sentimental value. But if those skinny jeans that are two sizes too small aren’t getting any use, and likely won’t in the foreseeable future, then they’re just taking up unnecessary space and it’s probably time to part ways. To help stick to your organization resolutions, local experts Anna Sicalides, co-author of “Get Organized Today,” and Karen Ridge of Closets by Design, share their organizational tips for closets, junk drawers, and other problems areas in the home.

Start somewhere. Anywhere.

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AS: Just start. Start on the left, start on the right, start on the floor; just start.

Take everything out, and sort it into things you love and want to keep, things that no longer fit, things that are ugly or were a mistake purchase, things that need repair or hemming. Only put back those things that make you look and feel good.

Get help.

KR: It’s great if you can have a friend with you as you try things on to say “yes,” “no,” “keep,” “get rid of.”                                                           

The 15 minute cleanup.

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AS: I recommend this to a lot of my clients: the 15 minute pick-up. If you, yourself or your family can just take 15 minutes a day and just pick up stuff, and put those things away, eventually your house is going to look so much better. I recommend that clients do it attached to something. Before or after dinner, whatever it is, if you attach it to something else that happens all the time, it’s more likely to get done.

Stay organized.

KR: Once a month, check a different area in the house to keep it straightened out. The pantry, I recommend doing twice a year. Places that can be a real mess, like a mudroom, or whatever that spot happens to be in your home, you might want to do every six months.

Keep the momentum

AS: You have to say to yourself, ‘What kind of things do I want to accomplish this year?’ and they need to be achievable. When you accomplish any of those things, even if it’s cleaning out one drawer, you start to feel psychically better about yourself, and that little bit of confidence builds.

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