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Judith Dwyer


Two years ago, Judith Dwyer arrived at the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur with substantial educational expertise. In her executive positions at Villanova, Saint Xavier and St. John’s universities, she learned that infusing academics with Catholic values makes both stronger. “Our world is often viewed as a sea of complexity filled with unprincipled dialogue, a lack of civility and straight-out, genuine terror,” says Dwyer. “In this time of war, hate and the fragmentation of human community, a fundamental belief that we’re called to lives of faith and responsibility is an anchor in young women’s lives.” 

Dwyer doesn’t want students to be afraid of the world—she wants them to change it. “We encourage them to have a sense of global leadership and connect to the Sisters’ tradition, which has been powerful throughout the world—especially in helping girls and women who’ve been mistreated,” she says. 

Judith Dwyer
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