Master Barber Jodi Murray Hones His Craft in Chester County

Jodi Murray has overcome his share of challenges to build a legacy in Frazer and Chester Springs with Mentality Barbers.

From cuffs to cuts, Jody Murray has overcome his share of challenges to take life by the hair at Mentality Barbers in Frazer and Chester Springs. A master at his craft, Murray is now inspiring the next generation of barbers through an apprenticeship program.

MLT: Let’s start at the beginning.

JM: I’ve cut hair ever since I was 12. I had a child at a young age and was in hair school trying to provide for him. I was selling a little weed on the side and ended up getting busted right in the middle of hair school. I had to go to “adult college,” but I was able to finish school before that. It put me in a good place to start rebuilding and focus on the craft. When I got out, I took a job with a local barbershop.

MLT: How was Mentality Barbers born?

JM: Steve Stinger and his mom decided to open a shop. They needed to build it around someone with an ability to give a customer experience. They came to me with an offer—and from that point on, we’ve been growing.

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MLT: Your son Avery works at the station right behind yours. How are you supporting the next generation of barbers?

JM: We offer an apprenticeship program. You can do it in as little as 10 months or up to two years, either full-time or part-time. You serve your clinical hours in this shop. We offer free haircuts to our customer database for the apprenticeship program, so you’re building a book before you’re licensed. Then you take a test and grow in our ranks. That’s how we opened the Chester Springs location.

MLT: You’re big on product—so big you’re making it yourself.

JM: We make everything 100% all-natural right here in the shop from scratch. Right now, we’re doing beard products, including wash, oil and a leave-in balm in a stick. We’re also doing a full line of shaving products. Then we’ll go into hair products.

MLT: What’s next?

JM: We’re looking at a third location. I tell my kids all the time: Finesse, not force. There’s a difference between going after something and forcing it to happen. I’m just rolling with the energy.


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