Jennifer Padova Gallagher

Founder, GoPaperboy

Jennifer Padova Gallagher launched in January as a resource for both local students and families. It’s the first hyper-local marketplace that connects users with students who hire themselves out for everything from tutoring to one-on-one athletic coaching. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I love hearing success stories. A client sent me a picture of the student she hired with her two kids, and she said, “This is so easy and made such a big difference in my life.” It was so great to see the smiles of the student and the two kids. I’ve always wanted to change people’s lives and make them easier in some way—and in this role, I’m able to do both. 

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What’s next for your company?

I’d like to see it grow within our own community and other communities. I’d like to be able to provide a more expansive product to help solve more families’ problems and students’ problems. I always say we’re so much more than a job site. I’m passionate about the story behind GoPaperboy. We have this incredible population of students right in our back yard, and we can help them by developing lifelong skills that they may be missing because they didn’t have an opportunity like you and I did for our first job.

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