Jennifer Dempsey Fox

President, Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management

After working with some of the largest banks and accounting firms in the country, Jennifer Dempsey Fox reached another impressive career milestone in 2017 when she became the first woman president of Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management. Under her leadership, BMT has been working to implement a better, more community-centric customer experience.

Fox oversees wealth management (including a proprietary mutual fund) and insurance services, plus some $14 billion in assets. She works to build great relationships with clients while maintaining a happy and thriving workforce that’s “engaged and empowered.” Fox also serves as the executive sponsor for a women’s initiative at BMT that included developing a company-wide charter. Interest for it began prior to her arrival, but someone was needed to help push it through. Currently, the initiative is working internally to connect women. The hope is to expand its support to women business owners in the community.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, BMT Wealth Management began the internal launch of eMoney Advisor, an online portal that will help clients better understand their assets. “A lot of our clients want to get answers and ask questions on their own and track financial information on their own, but also know that they’ve got an advisor,” says Fox. “For me, the key priority is that they have a positive experience that’s focused on advice and developing solutions connected to specific goals and objectives.”

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