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INSIDE LINE: News & Gossip Updates


» Pat Croce is going prime-time as a judge on ABC’s American Inventor. The ubiquitous Villanova entrepreneur has signed on as one of four judges for the show’s next season, which premiers in June.

» Prime-time take two: High-profile Wynnewood political pundit and Shipley alum Flavia Colgan serves as host and consulting producer of the new Travel Channel series Miracle Quest, which premiered in March. The show takes viewers to some of the world’s most renowned “miracle” sites, including Lourdes. France, and the stigmata of Padre Pio in Italy, while examining the power and possibility of faith as experienced by Colgan and the many believers and skeptics she encounters.

» Actually, in this case, it is rocket science. Analytical Graphics Inc. might not be in your Rolodex, but it’s definitely in NASA’s. Based in Exton, AGI produces customized software for land, sea and space navigation. Its STK (satellite tool kit) is proving to be an integral force behind NASA’s current mission to reach Pluto, its moon (Charon) and the Kuiper belt via the New Horizons spacecraft. Launched in January 2006, New Horizons is on a three-billion–mile journey to the edges of the solar system. In late February, it zipped past Jupiter at an impressive clip of 52,000 miles per hour. AGI’s innovative software enabled NASA to design optimum trajectory and maneuvers based on the spacecraft’s mass, thrust and other variables. So you better brush up on your space knowledge—because you never know when you could run into an AGI genius.