In-Ground Pool Are Getting Modern Makeovers

Technological improvements have led to sleeker designs.

In-ground pools continue to be a primary source of backyard entertainment. And while their overall function remains the same, vast improvements in technology and design have resulted in some pretty surprising features. “There are definite universal trends that are unfolding within pool design,” says Tom Casey, vice president of sales for Anthony & Sylvan Pools. “With all the options, we never design two pools that are exactly alike.” 

For the past decade, natural-looking freeform pools have reigned supreme as the most requested type of design. No longer, says Casey. “People are following more of the European flavor now,” he says. “We’re seeing higher-end pools that are contemporary in style—rectilinear in form, with clean lines.” 

Tanning ledges are also a frequent request. “These are shallow seating areas where you could draw a lounge chair into them and sit there and relax,” he says.

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Water features continue to be popular, with additions like small waterfalls or streams shooting into the pool. “We’re also installing bubblers so water comes frothing upwards from the floor of the pool,” says Casey. “People like the sound because it has a calming effect.” 

Even fire pits or fire bowls can be integrated into pool plans. “There are large copper vessels with lava rock on top, and they can be illuminated at night,” Casey says. “Some have components where water looks like it’s coming out of the bowl where the fire is.” 

If fire isn’t your thing, LED lighting is still a popular way to illuminate your pool at night, with countless colors available.

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