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Eco-Friendly Home Trends Worth Noting in the Main Line


“People are definitely becoming more interested in green alternatives to use in their homes,” says Chris McCloud. “There are so many options available now that weren’t available a few years ago.”

Vetrazzo, made from 85-percent recycled glass, is an earth-friendly countertop alternative.McCloud’s Design 6 is a Narberth firm that offers fresh interior design concepts with an emphasis on sustainable, socially responsible products. For kitchens, he has introduced clients to many eco-conscious makeover options. In lieu of traditional granite for countertops, homeowners are choosing PaperStone—said to be the greenest architectural surface on the market today. PaperStone’s Original series is made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled cardboard; its Certified series originates from 100-percent post-consumer standard office paper. Both types come in a variety of colors, including red, green, blue, brown and gray. “It’s perfect for use in kitchens because it’s nonporous,” says McCloud.

Another earth-friendly countertop alternative, Vetrazzo is made from 85-percent recycled glass. No two slabs are alike, and some swear they resemble pieces of art. Vetrazzo and PaperStone are available at Greenable in Philadelphia (greenable.net).

McCloud chose concrete countertops for his remodeled kitchen. “People are hesitant when they hear ‘concrete’ because they think it’s going to look cold,” he says. “It doesn’t.”

Since concrete is basically man-made, it’s a great green choice. It can be dyed any color or molded into any size or shape; you can even add pieces of recycled glass to the mix. “It’s essentially maintenance- free, which is another attractive feature,” says McCloud. “All of these products can really bring a special look to a project.”

Design 6, 215 Wayne Ave., Narberth; (484) 270-8472,

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