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The Big Sleep

After more than 25 years in the business of making the most advanced sleep systems in the world, and with retail locations in Holland, South Africa, New Zealand and various other countries, Hollandia International first cracked the U.S. market in October with a showroom in Philadelphia’s Marketplace Design Center. Next up is a retail location in King of Prussia Mall set to open this month.

Hollandia promises that the steep price tag that goes along with its bed systems—anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000—is well worth it. And, really, it’s hard to rationalize such an extravagance until you experience first-hand what Mark Kanter, president of Hollandia U.S., calls “the moment of truth.”

“I have yet to have a person have the moment of truth without validating the price point,” he says.

They say the average person should get eight hours of sleep a night. That works out to 2,920 hours a year. Hollandia sleep systems are made to last 25-plus years—so you’ll get a lot more mileage out of your bed than any Lexus.

All Hollandia mattresses are designed for maximum comfort using exotic-sounding materials like Vita Talalay latex and specially milled aloe vera fibers. The idea is to offer support for every pressure point in the body. Sleep system models all come with frames and include features like personalized positioning (Hollandia recommends sleeping with feet and head slightly raised), programmable massage and stereo speakers that connect to any home sound system or computer. Extra-long mattresses are available for tall sleepers.

For more info, visit hollandiaus.com.

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