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Bryn Mawr’s Michele Rice has lived in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and even France. “Every place I’ve lived has influenced my interior design style,” she says.

Her style stresses comfort, coziness and beauty. “I want clients to be thrilled with how their home makes them feel when they walk in the door,” Rice says. “My goal is to collaboratively produce design results that are a development and expression of who they are and where they’ve been.”

Favorite room in her house: My husband’s paneled library, complete with him next to me, our pups in our laps, a roaring fire and the first snowfall of the season visible outside the window.

Most prized possessions: My two little dogs, Twinkie and Phoebe. Then would come the various antiques my husband and I have collected, mostly from France and London.

Designer who inspires her: Rose Tarlow, with her fabulous furniture and fabric line.

Design advice she loves to give: Make your home an expression of your interests and how you like to live.

Color she couldn’t design without: A very soft light blue. But everyone reacts differently in an emotional way to color, so developing a palette around a client’s preferences is an important step early in the design process.

Elements she incorporates into her design: An important focal point—either a piece of art, a wonderful fireplace, an architecturally interesting window or a beautiful wall treatment.

Favorite design trend of the moment: Using lanterns instead of chandeliers.

Her definition of good taste: A home that doesn’t intimidate guests by its opulence; a home that isn’t over-decorated and cluttered with so much décor it looks like a showroom. Good taste means thoughtful interiors that are personal and meaningful.

Favorite project: Usually the one I’m currently working on. I’ve been fortunate to work with several clients who call on me again when they move—which is always a nice compliment.

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