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Artisan Wallpaper is a Bold Home Trend



After lusting over a whimsical Cole & Son wallpaper of white flamingos set against a light-blue background, interior designer Michelle Gage took the plunge and had it installed on an accent wall in her Havertown living room. Now she can’t believe she ever hesitated.

Even for design pros, making the commitment to go with a certain wallpaper pattern can feel overwhelming. While there are countless showy prints and bold colors, Gage has seen a rise in the popularity of metallic. “Although it’s been around for a while, it’s coming back in a big way,” she says. “Using it is a good solution for people who were previously scared off by bold wallpapers.”

This especially true when you want something neutral. “For people who aren’t used to loud, bright spaces, metallic is a bold choice that isn’t super-colorful,” Gage says.

Artisan manufacturer Juju Papers is a hand-printed wallpaper line that specializes in metallic. “They’re incorporating some trendier tones like blush, which has been a very big color in the home,” says Gage.

Hygge & West is another. “They have a nice, curated artisan touch to their metallic choices,” adds Gage.

Whether you go subtle or busy, powder rooms and dining rooms are safe bets. “If the rest of your house is calm and neutral, seeing a bright wallpaper in a powder room is a nice surprise for guests,” says Gage.

In the dining room, wallpaper can be used to cover the entire wall or just above the chair rail. “Most dining rooms are more formal,” she says. “That’s a place where you can definitely make a statement.”

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