12 Wellness Must-Tries From Main Line Area Purveyors

These wellness must-tries will help you feel your best. Photo courtesy of IrieVeda

Take care of yourself inside and out with these health and wellness products locally sourced from around the Main Line.

Wellness is easily achieved on the Main Line thanks to the many local purveyors offering quality goods. Swap out your current products for these 12 wellness musts to enhance your health.

Kombucha Vinegars

kombucha vinegar
These kombuchas are wellness must-tries. Photo courtesy of Baba’s Acid Trip

Produced in Phoenixville, Baba’s Acid Trip is a line of tart and tangy kombucha vinegars rich in probiotics and antioxidants from green and black tea. They’re also great in cocktails. $48 for a four-flavor variety pack. Available at Kimberton Whole Foods and babasacidtrip.company.site.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil
Photo courtesy of Bellemille

Consuming half a tablespoon of olive oil a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to recent research. Developed by Philly native Alexa Dombkoski, Bellemille extra-virgin olive oil is intensely fruity and a bit peppery with notes of almond and artichoke. $39. Available at bellemille.com.

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Herbal Tea

turmeric ashwagandha tea
Photo courtesy of Vahdam

Sourced directly from farmers, Vahdam Teas offers a range of brews that help with everything from sleep to immunity to anxiety. Starting at $8. Available at Sprouts, Wegmans and vahdam.com.

Plant-Based Steak

plant-based steak
Photo courtesy of Nasoya

Nasoya plant-based steak is heart-healthy, pre-sliced and flavored with Korean barbecue sauce. $6.99 for a 7-ounce package. Available at Giant, Acme and nasoya.com.

Natural and Cage-Free Chicken

chicken thighs
Photo courtesy of Do Good

Raised cage-free on feed made from nutrient-dense food scraps, Do Good chicken is minimally processed with no hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Starting at $6.49 per pound. Available at Giant, Acme and dogoodchicken.com.

Locally Sourced Spices

wellness spices for healthy meals
These spices are wellness must-tries. Photo courtesy of IrieVeda

Created by certified life and health coach Tashelle Darby-Wong and blended at her headquarters in West Chester, IrieVeda spices are freshly roasted and allergen- and gluten-free, with the added benefit of aiding digestion and managing inflammation. Most herbs are sourced from Chester County farms. Starting at $5. Available at irieveda.com.

Dye-Free Linens

pillowcases for sleep health
Photo courtesy of American Blossom Linens

Dye-free pillowcases from Montgomery County native Janet Wischnia’s American Blossom Linens are made from natural cotton and no synthetic materials. Starting at $79 a pair. Available at americanblossomlinens.com.

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Carbon Soap

wellness cleanser bar for skin health
Photo courtesy of BITE

Your skin and the planet both benefit from the hydrating Carbon Capture Cleanser bar from BITE (Because It’s the Earth). It’s made from sea kelp, which soaks up 20 times more CO2 per acre than trees. $12; loofah-like plastic-free pouch $6. Available at bitetoothpastebits.com.

Tinted Face Sunscreen

Photo courtesy of Unsun

Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays with Unsun Prestige Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen Lotion, a 100% mineral sunscreen primer and color corrector in one. Formulated for skin tones from fair to dark, it’s SPF 30 and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. $29. Available at unsuncosmetics.com.

Stress Relief Body Lotion

body lotion for wellness
Photo courtesy of Bel Essence

Bel Essence Stress Relief Body Lotion is formulated with anti-inflammatory oils and calendula extract to soothe dryness, redness and chronic skin conditions. It also contains lavender and chamomile oils for calming effects on stress and anxiety. $24. Available at belessence.com.

Side Pillow

pillow for spine support
Photo courtesy of Honeydew Sleep

Side sleepers can enhance their rest with the Honeydew Scrumptious side pillow, designed for good spinal alignment. The copper-infused foam has antibacterial properties and keeps the pillow cool. $130. Available at honeydewsleep.com.

Smart Watch

fitness watch
Photo courtesy of Polar

Keep tabs on your wellness stats with the Polar Ignite 3 watch. It tracks workouts, steps, sleep and other metrics while offering on-demand exercise suggestions and guided stress-reducing breathing exercises. $330. Available at Leisure Fitness in Bryn Mawr and polar.com.

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