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Top Doctors 2012: Meet Dr. Albert El-Roeiy

Photo by Jared Castaldi

Photo by Jared Castaldi

Forget all the media hype about multiple births—reproductive endocrinology is more about quality than quantity. “Many women delay family building to later on in life, assuming that everything will go as planned, only to find that age and other issues weren’t considered,” says Dr. Albert El-Roeiy.

In addition to helping couples conceive at Crozer Chester Medical Center’s HAN Fertility Center, El-Roeiy is focused on treating hormonal disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, recurrent miscarriages and other conditions that compromise a woman’s reproductive health. “Many think that a single factor may contribute to infertility,” he says. “Most often, there are multiple factors—including the male partner—that may prohibit the ability to achieve a pregnancy and deliver to term.”

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