Margaret Andrzejewski Focuses on Health and Wellness in Phoenixville

The licensed chiropractor, yoga instructor and competitive bodybuilder shares her wellness journey.

Phoenixville’s Margaret Andrzejewski came by her exceptional grasp of health and wellness by overcoming considerable adversity. She’s been a licensed chiropractor for just over 10 years and a yoga instructor since 2018. As a competitive bodybuilder, she’s keenly focused on weight training, cardiovascular exercise and nutrition. We sat down with Andrzejewski to get her take on the benefits of everything from weight training and proper spinal alignment to supplements and drug-free living.

MLT: How did you get into the wellness industry?

MA: My main motivation was my past. For the first seven years of my life, I lived with my parents, who were both cocaine and alcohol abusers. It destroyed their lives and the lives around them. Luckily, my aunt and uncle took me in as their own. My mother had been badly attacked by a dog. She lost muscle and was given opioids to ease her pain. She was already addicted to substances and given another substance. Seeing what my parents went through inspired me to seek a career in health. I learned about the chiropractic field in high school. It’s a 100% drug-less health profession. I knew I wanted to help people achieve a better lifestyle.

body builder
Margaret Andrzejewski

MLT: How can chiropractic treatment combine with yoga and weight training to contribute to overall health and wellness?

MA: Chiropractic benefits the body by regulating the nervous system through better spinal alignment. It’s also a huge factor in preventing massive degenerative changes to the spine. Yoga keeps you mobile, flexible and working on your breath. Weight training helps the entire body stay strong, including the bones. All of this helps the body age as gracefully as possible.

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MLT: How do you find the time for it all?

MA: It’s like investing money. It takes time—and the more you contribute earlier on, the better your future will be.

MLT: Tell us more about your passion for bodybuilding.

MA: The gym where I trained was full of bodybuilders, and I was motivated by seeing all of them put in the work. It got me thinking, “I’ll be 35 in a few months. What can I do differently to challenge myself? Become a natural bikini competitor? Sure, why not?” I’m obsessed with what the human body is capable of and how it can change.

MLT: What’s your advice to those who want to try weight training?

MA: It depends on what your goals are. Not everyone is training to be a bodybuilder. You may just want to lose some weight, play with your kids more easily, or look great. I highly suggest starting with a trainer to establish those goals and learn how to use weights appropriately to help prevent injuries. It would be amazing if we could lift once a week and have massive biceps—but the body doesn’t work that way. It takes time. Trust the process, and enjoy it.

MLT: How do supplements play a role in your wellness journey?

MA: I base my supplement regimen on blood work I do about every six months. It gives me a great idea of what areas of my body need more assistance. I also supplement with some of my daily essentials, including a probiotic, omega-3s, a polyphenol nutrient-rich multivitamin, milk thistle and magnesium.

Margaret Andrzejewski
Margaret Andrzejewski

“It would be amazing if we could lift once a week and have massive biceps—but the body doesn’t work that way. It takes time. Trust the process, and enjoy it.”

MLT: You talk a lot about promoting health and healing from within. What does that entail?

MA: Our bodies are much more powerful at healing than the world gives them credit for. Most times, if someone has a symptom, they seek out a treatment for it. They may temporarily feel better. But did this fix the root cause of the issue going on in the body? Health is not found in a pill bottle. It’s found within each and every one of us. As chiropractors, when we remove misalignments through a specific adjustment of the body, the body is able to heal from the inside through better functioning of the nervous system.

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MLT: Is chiropractic care something you should only pursue when you feel like you need it?

MA: No. I see many people who want to ensure their body is functioning its best through maintaining proper spinal alignment and great biomechanics. Once they feel great, they want to keep it that way.

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