Main Line Float and Freeze Helps Relieve Stress in Ardmore

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Step into a float tank at Main Line Float and Freeze to relieve stress, reduce pain and improve your overall wellness.

On a particularly stressful day, do you ever think about how nice it would be to simply relax and float away? At Main Line Float and Freeze, you can do just that.

Located in Ardmore, Main Line Float and Freeze offers float tanks, an infrared sauna, cryotherapy and compression therapy—all with the common goal of helping you feel your best and channel your most relaxed state of mind. “There has never been a greater need for a proactive approach to health,” says owner Sean Fleming. “We have developed a facility with state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that is revolutionizing how people improve their health.”

Most visitors stop in to check out the floating experience. Guests are invited into their own private room, complete with two shower heads and the float tank itself. The first step is a quick shower to wash any dirt or oils off your skin and hair, and then you’re headed into the tank for 60 minutes of relaxation.

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Main Line Float and Freeze
Photo by Gina Lizzo

The tanks are sized to comfortably fit two people, with about 10 inches of warm water saturated with 850 pounds of Epsom salt. It is this salt ratio that makes you buoyant enough to float. A user-controlled light is available inside the tank, but it is recommended that you float in the dark with no sound for the best possible experience.

This sort of sensory deprivation has so many benefits that make the float tank beloved by Main Line Float and Freeze’s regulars. The list is lengthy and includes reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, faster muscle recovery, increased circulation, deep meditation, decreased blood pressure and more.

Fleming founded Main Line Float and Freeze out of his own personal necessity. “In 2018, I suffered a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula while training jiu-jitsu,” he describes. After a few surgeries, he was looking to return to training as fast as possible and began looking into different recovery modalities. “I was trying different things and going to separate places for it all, so I saw a need to put everything that worked best for me under one roof.” Thus, Main Line Float and Freeze opened its doors in May 2021 as a mind and body recovery center.

Ardmore float tank
Photo by Gina Lizzo

After your 60 minutes of floating, you’ll exit the tank to shower again, this time to clear your skin of any salt left behind. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and content and will certainly enjoy restful sleep later that evening.

Other services offered will benefit athletes and anyone looking to boost their health and lead a lifestyle of reduced stress and pain. Even weight loss goals can be achieved through cryotherapy, which exposes your body to -280°F and serves as a calorie burner, in addition to being an inflammation reducer and a sore muscle alleviator. In the onsite sauna, infrared rays directly penetrate your body—different from a traditional sauna where hot air circulates—allowing for superior detoxing, healing and relaxing. Compression therapy is also available, applying pressure to your legs and other areas to release tension, increase blood flow and reduce pain in a manner similar to a massage.

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Whether you’re looking for a way to ease stress or are trying to make a full recovery from an injury, Main Line Float and Freeze could be the secret ingredient to enhancing your health and wellness.

24 W Lancaster Ave, Ardmore

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