These Main Line Area Dental Practices Lean Into Innovation

Forward-thinking local practices embrace a new era of dentistry.

Back in 2022, Dr. Gulia Omene took a hard glance around her practice. Started in the 1950s, it began as little more than an old house outfitted with dental equipment—a common setup in the previous century. “We were outgrowing the space, and it really wasn’t set up for modern dentistry,” she says.

Since then, Omene has transformed her practice. She’s found a new location in Paoli and upgraded her brand—to Main Line Dental Club. Just a few steps into the building, and the transformation is apparent. The new space is bright and modern, with neutral tones and Restoration Hardware-style décor. “We really wanted the new space to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation,” says Omene. “We wanted patients to feel like they were at a spa or a social club, instead of a dental office.”

Omene’s mother was an inspiration throughout the planning process. “In my mom’s generation, going to the dentist was really scary. They didn’t use a lot of novocaine, and they often didn’t have a warm bedside manner,” Omene says. “To this day, she still gets so nervous to go to the dentist. I hope this space is a complete 180 from her experience.”

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Dr. Karen Conn can relate. For the recent redesign of her practice, the Bryn Mawr orthodontist wanted patients young and old to feel at ease. While they’re waiting, kids stay occupied at the basketball net or on the Nintendo Switch system. “We aimed to create a relaxing, low-pressure environment that’s both kid-friendly and adult-friendly,” says Conn.

That in mind, treatment areas are modern, high-end and homey. Using an iTero digital scanner, she provides patients with 3D images of their existing teeth, along with an approximation of what the results will look like after treatment. “This way, you can see the final outcome before the start of treatment and feel more comfortable and even excited about the process,” she says.

The elevated experience at Main Line Dental Club is almost spa-like.
The elevated experience at Main Line Dental Club is almost spa-like.

At Chester County Family Dentistry, Dr. Ryan Dunn swears by Waterlase, a form of laser dentistry that translates to less time in the chair, more precision, quicker recovery times and far less pain than traditional treatments. The West Chester-based dentist has seen this technology come a long way over the past few years. What started as a large, bulky unit is now an intuitive, more efficient system with a screen similar to an iPad. Procedures that once required a specialist and multiple visits over several weeks now take as little as a day. “Most of the cases I once had to send out are staying in-house now,” Dunn says. “The patient’s happier because we’re handling it all in one place, and the healing is much quicker.”

Waterlase benefits even the youngest patients. Dunn treats tongue-ties (ankyloglossia) in infants, releasing the tissue with no anesthesia and minimal discomfort. “Our youngest patient ever was 2 days old,” he says.

Omene is fortunate to have a great managing partner at Main Line Dental Club. Her husband, Akpo, carefully selected the décor that elevates the office space.

Back at Main Line Dental Club, massage chairs are now the norm for anxious patients. During treatment, TVs and noise-canceling headphones are welcome distractions. “We also have a comfort menu that includes weighted blankets, under-eye masks and sparkling water,” says Omene.

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Omene is fortunate to have a great managing partner in her husband, Akpo, who selected the décor that elevates the office space. “It was so important to build something that properly reflects the level of care and the amount of hard work that we put into our craft,” he says. “I couldn’t be happier with the results—not just personally, but mostly for our patients.”

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