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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Fitness Routine for Summer



In March, winter begins to give way to spring. As we look ahead to summer and activities like lounging by the pool or going to the beach, it often brings with it the dreaded thoughts of getting in shape. Throughout winter, we tend to hibernate, shirking fitness in favor of cozy outfits and, around the holidays, unhealthy foods. Jump start your fitness routine now to get in shape in time for shorts and swimsuit weather.

  1. Put more cardio into your workout. Most of us dread the thought of cardio, even though aerobic training is an important component to losing belly fat. If running is too stressful on your body, climb hills on the treadmill or outside.
  2. Add strength training to your workout. This is especially important for cardio junkies. Women fear lifting weights and bulking up, but that’s not the case.
  3. Watch what you eat. Consider switching to a healthy low calorie diet with plenty of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods.
  4. Swap sugary drinks for water. Sweetened beverages add lots of unnecessary calories. If you want flavor, add a lemon, lime or orange slice to make your water fun. Remember, alcoholic beverages have calories and dehydrate the body, so enjoy them sparingly.
  5. Be realistic. Losing weight takes time. For every pound, it requires burning 3,500 calories. If you take 350 calories out of your diet every day, it will take 10 days to lose one pound. Set a realistic goal for yourself and remember that starving yourself is not the answer.

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