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4 Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season


The next six weeks, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, will be an onslaught of carb-fueled fun. Accept that, during this time, you’ll indulge in more calories than usual. Along with the rich foods, there will also be more alcohol flowing. Stress abounds, encouraging uncontrolled eating.

And, as fun as this time of year is, it also comes with lots of obligations, which can lead to less sleep and less time to exercise. That precious “me” time I spoke about last month is now replaced by shopping, gift-wrapping, cooking, cleaning and an array of other holiday commitments. 

Here are four tips to combat seasonal health hazards:

1. Eat smaller portions. The first bite of that holiday treat tastes better than the last bite, so make your portions smaller and freeze or throw out the rest.

2. Alternate a glass of water with alcohol. Most of us drink more when the mood is light or when we’re surrounded by people we see only once a year. Replacing every other drink with a glass of water will help you sleep better and stave off the dreaded hangover.  

3. Shop strategically. Bring cash instead of your credit card to prevent impulse buying. Also, make shopping a form of exercise. Wear comfortable shoes and park at a distance to get in extra steps. Lugging around purchases also makes for a great cardio and strength workout. 

4. Fit in interval exercises. No matter how busy we are, we can all get in 10-minute workouts throughout the day. Bring your sneakers to work and do a few quick workouts every day, or take a walk outside. And don’t forget a quick stretch before you go to sleep, to calm your mind and body.