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Health Insurance Head Honcho



Jo Marie Victor, Plymouth Meeting

Director of Operations, USI Affinity

Making a January resolution to get healthy? Jo Marie Victor talks about health all the time—health insurance, that is. She is a head honcho at USI Affinity, one of the largest insurance brokers in the country, with clients that include the Main Line Chamber of Commerce and the Society for Professional Women. 

The Main Line’s best-kept secret: Appleford Estate in Villanova. I’ve been there for business events and weddings, and it’s a spectacular place. It’s about 300 years old; William Penn granted the land on which it stands. From the rose garden to the boxwood garden, no matter when you go there—even in the fall—the grounds are beautiful. The setting and the colors are very Monet-like. 

Favorite place for date night: The first is Whole Foods. We’ll go on a Friday night for a romantic getaway—at least, our version of it—and do specialty shopping. Then we go to one of the local bars and get a drink. We’re also frequenting Avenue Kitchen. We sit at the bar and have appetizers and a few drinks. I love the all-white décor, and the service is very good—not ostentatious

Appleford estate; Avenue Kitchen

Favorite special event on the Main Line: The Devon Horse Show. I’ve taken my kids since they were little. 

Best local restaurant: Nectar. It has everything going for it: food, wine, décor, service. One time we were there, my husband forgot his glasses and couldn’t read the menu, and that put him in a bad mood. The next thing we knew, a platter arrived at our table. On it were a pair of reading

Where she exercises: Greater Plymouth Community Center. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that’s way ahead of the game with classes offered and the equipment available. 

Devon Horse Show; greater plymouth community center

Favorite thing to do with her family: Well, you have to understand that my sons are in their 20s, and they have girlfriends. We often meet at Minella’s Diner, and we’ve recently gone to Winterthur to see the Costumes of Downton Abbey exhibit. We’re also big film buffs and have been members
of Bryn Mawr Film Institute for a long time.

If she has 30 minutes to herself, she: Writes poetry. I just finished a manuscript titled Almost Love

The most unique thing about the Main Line: How the towns—almost all of them—combine the old with the new. Business associations create holiday celebrations that have historical themes. It reminds us that the past is relevant and filled with good values—but moving forward into the present is important.

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