How to Introduce Color Into a Neutral Home in the Main Line

Your home design questions answered.

Your home design questions answered.


I want to break out of my neutral rut and bring some color into my décor. What’s the best way to get over my serious case of color-phobia?

Ellen Yazujian, owner of Ashton Whyte Bed & Bath: I suggest keeping your eye out for something that really speaks to you. Color for the sake of color probably won’t make you happy in the long run. Instead, try to find a great rug or a colorful grouping of accent pillows. A unique piece of painted furniture has great impact. Grange Furniture, in particular, is doing beautiful painted finishes. You can paint an accent piece or make a bigger statement by putting color on a more significant piece. The colors have a beautiful antique finish and really work in even the most sophisticated spaces. We often fear color because we think we’ll tire of it. If you bring color in through unique pieces that you truly love, that is less likely to happen. Often customers are surprised by how beautiful a new color looks in their home.

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