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Your Home Improvement Questions Answered

Your Home Improvement Questions Answered.

Question: I love the look of vanishing-edge pools. Do you need a certain type of topography to have one installed?

Answer: Dave McGinnis, vice president, Armond Pools, Bridgeport (armondpools.com): Yes, a specific type of topography is necessary. The ideal property has a topography that slopes away from the house. It’s also ideal to be able to design the pool so you walk out of the house and look at it head-on. Although it’s possible to manipulate a slope on a flat site, I wouldn’t recommend it because the look is not as dramatic. What makes these pools especially unique is how impressive they look, so you don’t want anything to compromise that.

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Installation is quite expensive. A majority of the expense is incurred with the construction of the vanishing edge; a trough has to be installed to capture the overflowing water. But if you have the right type of property and the budget, a vanishing-edge pool is a beautiful addition.

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