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Question: What’s the difference between organic cotton sheets and regular cotton sheets?

Answer: Annette Hawk, owner of Monograms, Etc. (Spread Eagle Village, Wayne, 610-688-6599) The cotton in organic sheets is grown and processed without chemicals and are made without bleaches, dyes or finishes. The absence of these ingredients results in a stronger, more resilient product. Organic linens will never be stark white because bleach isn’t used, so most products come in a natural hue (depending on the color of the raw cotton). They’re also softer to the touch than traditional sheets.

Choosing organic or “green” alternatives is both earth-friendly and better for your skin and allergies, since you’re not breathing in chemicals. But organic sheets are more expensive because there’s a cost to being legally certified as an organic product. It’s ultimately up to the consumer whether the benefits are worth spending the extra money to buy organic.

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