Great Reads for the Long Weekend

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Relax with some reading this extended holiday weekend. 

Berwyn’s Nader Engheta is a Pioneer in the Field of Metamaterials

Nader Engheta is fond of a line originally coined by George Bernard Shaw and used by Robert Kennedy in his presidential run: “Some people see things as they are and say, ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were, and say, ‘Why not?’”

A scientist and an engineer, Engheta knows that the two occupations are inseparable. The Berwyn resident describes engineering as “the application of the laws of nature to make something new.” Driven by this simplified definition, Engheta has made unparalleled progress at the nanoscale, a dimensional range of 1-100 nanometers. Continue reading.

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This West Chester Doctor Tackles Mental Health and Identity in Her Newest YA Novel

Unfortunately, there are no pot stickers. And given the prominent role they play in Dr. Ilene Wong’s new novel, it’s a bit disappointing that she’s not holding a tray of them when she opens the front door of her West Chester home. Wong herself is like a pot sticker—a tiny package filled with layers of flavors.

A surgical specialist with Academic Urology, a wife to an accomplished composer and the mother of two kids, Wong practices at Chester County, Paoli and Brandywine hospitals. And while medicine is her profession, writing is her passion. She pens young adult fiction under the name I.W. Gregorio, using her initials and the last name of her husband, Joe. Continue Reading. 

How Two Local Churches Are Combatting Shrinking Congregations

Churches are in trouble. Upwards of 50 Episcopalian churches close each week in the United States, and other religions are similarly suffering. It’s little wonder given how many places of worship exist.There are six Episcopalian churches in just a five-mile stretch on the Main Line. As a result, congregations are constricting, and ministries are getting creative.

Amid this uncertain environment, Christ Church Ithan is partnering with St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, calling on one priest to serve both churches. Continue reading

A Chester Springs Horse Lover Helps Preserve a Unique Heritage Breed

In the vast plains of North Dakota’s Little Missouri Badlands, thousands of native horses once roamed free. They evolved into hearty stock, revered for their power, intelligence, adaptability and ability to weather the difficult northern winters. They’ve even been linked to Sitting Bull, the iconic leader of the Lakota tribe.

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These undomesticated heritage horses survived climate shifts and western expansion. Continue Reading.

Former NFL Receiver Vance Johnson Continues to Rebuild His Life in Malvern

If you happened to see Vance Johnson’s Facebook page on a particular afternoon this past February, you would’ve learned that the former NFL wide receiver had just $200 in his bank account and a big smile on his face. “I don’t owe anybody anything,” he posted.

Johnson had just written the final check on the million dollars he owed to various creditors as a result of a tumultuous multi-decade span of substance abuse, failed marriages, child-support payments, domestic abuse and other personal issues. Continue Reading. 

Two Sisters Transformed Their Family’s Chester County Farm Into a 42-Acre Lavender Oasis

In the heart of Chester County, there’s a little piece of Provençe, France, thanks to sisters Amy Saha and Joanne Voelcker. On their 42-acre Wagontown farm, some 1,200 lavender plants flourish. In the warm months, those fields are abuzz with bees and butterflies. They flit from plant to plant, drunk on the heady scent the flowers release as they sway in the breeze. Continue reading.

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