Get the Led Out Gives Led Zeppelin Fans a Show

The tribute band plays a show in Collingswood, N.J. on March 2, much to the delight of Zep fans on the Main Line.

I feel badly for all the 30-somethings (and younger) who never got to see Led Zeppelin in concert. I feel badly for me because although I had tickets for several shows back in the day, I gave one away to a friend of mine who had just returned from Vietnam (he needed it more than I did!) and then another show in Tampa (1977) was cancelled shortly after beginning due to a thunderstorm. I got to experience three songs before the ensuing riots chased me out. I did see the Led Zep formation live at Live Aid with Phil Collins on drums. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

But these days, ain’t no way to see Zep. Because they aren’t. Not even just aren’t touring, they just aren’t a band anymore. You could watch the “Celebration Day” video of their one-off performance from 2010. But you’d still be in your house on your sofa. And that’s why I feel so sad for the young’uns among us.

There is a way to experience the music of Led Zeppelin though, in a live, exciting setting, played note for note the way that God and Jimmy Page intended it to be played. And that’s with local fellas (and sometimes gal) Get The Led Out. Close your eyes and you are there. Wait, don’t close your eyes because you need to watch how these guys recreate faithfully, note by note, songs from the vast LZ catalog. This isn’t about theatrics and costumes and pretending to be. This is all about the music.

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Vocalist Paul Sinclair, along with guitarists Paul Hammond and Jimmy Marchiano, instrumentalist Andrew Lipke, drummer Adam Ferraioli, and bassist Billy Childs take their mission seriously. Their study of the music and attention to detail puts them in a master class way above any Led Zep tribute band. Diana DeSantis is brought on board for the performance of “Battle of Evermore” in the Sandy Denny role. A touch of mandolin here, the perfect lap steel there. The reverence for the music is in every note.

GTLO performs at the acoustically fantastic Scottish Rite Auditorium on Saturday, March 2 in what, no doubt, will be a sold-out performance. Promoter BRE Presents is offering a special VIP experience that includes a meet and greet with the band pre-show.

Disclosure: All of us at MGK are huge fans of the band, and apparently, the love goes both ways. Guitarist Paul Hammond says: “I’ve been listening to 102.9MGK for as long as I can remember because they play the best classic rock and plenty of Led Zeppelin. When we started doing advance promotions with WMGK for upcoming GTLO concerts, it was a dream come true.” Listen for GTLO’s on-air performances on MGK (you should see all the equipment they manage to squeeze into the studio!) and get yourself out to a show. It will be the best Led Zeppelin concert you never saw.

March 2: 8 p.m. Scottish Rite Auditorium, 315 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, N.J. Tickets: $29-$35,

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