Garrett Snider Leads Meaningful Nonprofit Initiatives From Bryn Mawr

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Nonprofit leader, real estate investor and strategic consultant Garrett Snider is the founder of the Resilience Foundation.

Garrett Snider, the 27-year-old grandson of famed entrepreneur and Flyers owner Ed Snider, takes child welfare seriously. Six years ago, the Bryn Mawr resident founded the Resilience Foundation. He was appointed director of the Mayor’s Fund for Philadelphia, serves on the Philadelphia DHS Child Welfare Oversight Board and sits on the executive board for PALS Programs. During the pandemic, he cofounded Reeds Organic Farm & Animal Sanctuary, a 78-acre nonprofit hub for employment and educational opportunities. Recently, Snider was appointed to the board of the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History.

MLT: Where does a history museum fit into the life of a child welfare professional?

GS: When I first got involved in child advocacy, I learned about self-actualization—how the process is crucial to the development of every human being. History is an accessory to that process. The fact that Philadelphia has a community dedicated to Jewish history in America means that we’re giving a lot of people an opportunity to learn about who they are in the world.

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MLT: What are your hopes for the museum?

GS: I want to see it continue to aggregate and catalyze the good work happening in Philadelphia through the lens of Judaism. It’s an ethnicity and state of mind as much as a religion. That my grandfather has been gone for more than seven years and is still motivating people through the Weitzman means the world to my family. He’s being posthumously honored at the Only in America Gala in June—but he would’ve hated the attention.

Garrett Snider
Courtesy Tessa Marie Images

MLT: How do you remember your grandfather?

GS: Being around him was an experience because he lived with such intention. He was passionate and had well-thought-out ideas about what it means to live a life. I miss his presence, but the Weitzman channels his intensity and ideals to lift people.

MLT: What’s next on your to-do list?

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GS: The Resilience Foundation is rolling out a nationwide intervention curriculum for the National Math and Science Initiative. It allows teachers and students to help kids born in the wrong zip code excel in STEM. We hope to be training teachers by the summer and getting kids enrolled.


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