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WXPN Philly Local: Right on Track
Various Artists (xpn.org)
WXPN listeners already know about midday host Helen Leicht’s penchant for bringing hardworking local musicians into the spotlight. You’ll find 20 of them on this first-ever Philly Local compilation. The diverse mix includes tracks by now-national recording artists Amos Lee, Birdie Busch and Mutlu. Our current faves: the latter’s “Running Away From You” and Lauren Hart’s “I Might Be.”



Must Thee Fight
Lynmar Brock (Booksurge Publishing, 292 pages)
A self-professed “conscientious participant” with an extensive background of military service, Malvern’s Lynmar Brock takes on the plight of a peace-loving Quaker compelled to fight in the American Revolution with surprising empathy and eloquence. Though the overarching conflict between duty and faith is a compelling theme, the true beauty of Must Thee Fight is in the period details, which Brock captures with loving authenticity.




Not everyone walks around chanting, “So many business books, so little time,” but to the movers-and-shakers out there, keeping up with the latest strategies can mean the difference between following and leading. At the Concordville-based Soundviewsummary.com, you’ll find detailed synopses of the year’s 30 best business books, available for purchase in print, audio, CD-ROM or online formats. Diversity reigns for the 2006 winners, picked by subscribers out of a pool of 1,200 books.