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FRONTLINE: Dossier With Elaine Thompson of Lankenau Hospital


Elaine Thompson, 51
Center Valley New President of Lankenau Hospital

» Book on her night stand: Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen. I enjoy his work, as he makes us laugh at ourselves in multiple ways.

» iPod tunes on repeat: Nelly. I’m trying to train for a marathon, so most of my music is upbeat and helps me get through some longer runs. Nelly just really keeps me going.

» Restaurant of the hour: I haven’t spent a great deal of time yet on the Main Line. but the few times I’ve been at Chops, both the seafood and the steak were great and the service was outstanding. Just a nice place.

» Personal hero: My husband. He’s a great partner and a great father. When our middle daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 5—she’s fine now at 20—he got me through the journey of her illness.

» One thing she knows for sure: That I love children.

» Very own vici: My daughters. They are inspiring to me as they become young adults.

» Zen destination: St. John’s in the Virgin Islands or Tucson, Ariz. I love being alone with nature and find St. John’s and Tucson great places for quiet nature time.

» If she had an extra hour each day, she would: Jog or run.

» Pet peeve: People being disrespectful of others or our environment.

» Life view: chance or fate? Chance determines fate.

» Most marked characteristic: I guess being a Scorpio makes passion my defining trait. I just love getting involved in work that makes a difference in people’s lives. I love putting my entire soul into a project.

» Quality she most admires in others: Respect.

» Mantra: Life is great.