FRONTLINE: Dossier With Lindy Snider of Lindi Skin Care

Lindi Skin Care’s Lindy Snider

Lindy Snider, “very young,” Bryn Mawr
Founder and CEO
of Lindi Skin Care

Book on her night stand: Splendid Solution: Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio by Jeffrey Kluger, about the development of the Salk polio vaccine. I probably sound boring, but not having been in the generation who lived though this, it’s fascinating to me.

iPod tunes on repeat: B.B. King and Friends. It’s a totally kick-ass album—very fun to drive to. All the tracks are great, but I really like “Early in the Morning” with Van Morrison and “Hummingbird” with John Mayer.

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Restaurant of the hour: Sola—I like everything there.

Personal hero: My father. He’s an entrepreneur, spectacularly philanthropic, gotten to where he is through guts and grit, and maintained his values and ethics all the way through. He taught all of us kids that you’ve got to produce to feel good about yourself, and that you’ve got to earn it.

One thing she knows for sure: I love my children. There’s nothing better than your family.

Very own vici: Having a business that has a tangible, positive impact on people’s lives.

Zen destination: The Aberdare Mountains in Kenya: Baboons in our camp in the morning; dewy, green foliage—it feels very primal, very Gorillas in the Mist.

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If she had an extra hour each day, she would: Spend it with my kids rolling on the floor.

Pet peeve: Snobs.

Life view: chance or fate? Neither. I believe that living with intention forms your future and the path you take.

Defining trait: My impatience and my directness. I can’t stand BS, and I don’t make time for it.

Quality she most admires in others: The ability to laugh at yourself.

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Mantra: Do the hard things first.

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