Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Andy Susko


Andy Susko, 51, Malvern
President, Pennsylvania Bar Association


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Book on his night stand: 9/11 Commission Report.

iPod tunes on repeat: Any jazz.

Restaurant of the hour: Brasserie Perrier. It’s in the Le Bec-Fin family, but modestly priced.

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Personal hero: Roberto Clemente. My parents grew up in Western Pennsylvania, so I’m a lifelong Pirates fan. Clemente always fought for justice. He was killed in a plane crash on the way to help rescue earthquake victims in Nicaragua. He did that in the off-season, just after he’d reached 3,000 hits.

One thing he knows for sure: Honesty is truly the best policy in the practice of law. Abraham Lincoln said, “Resolve to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer.”

Very own vici: The flagstone walk at my house. It made my wife very happy. Professionally, the proudest moments have come in the courtroom trying cases.

Zen destination: Any lake in Vermont and any mountaintop—places to feel the awe of nature.

If he had an extra hour each day, he would: Read for pleasure.

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Pet peeve: People who give me more information than I need to solve an immediate problem. Time is so scarce.

Life view: chance or fate? I believe it’s a mix. In some respects, a lot of things are out of your control. But I do believe in a higher power—and that things generally happen for the best if you conduct yourself honorably.

Quality he admires most in others: Optimism. When I see people generally upbeat, it’s inspiring.

Most marked characteristic: Focused.

Mantra: Get it done.


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