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Bob Pucci, 59, Berwyn
President and CEO, Main Line Chamber of Commerce/Main Line Chamber Foundation

Book on his night stand: Marley and Me by John Grogan.

iPod tunes on repeat: I love jazz.

Restaurant of the hour: Yangming.

Personal hero: My predecessor, Karl Schauffele. He’s the reason why I’m here. He could see me as a good fit—and at the time, I couldn’t see it. He passed away in 1997, 10 or 12 months after retiring.

One thing he knows for sure: The importance of happiness in one’s life.

Very own vici: The fact that I’ve worked hard to achieve everything I have in my working career. Nothing’s been handed to me.

Zen destination: Spending time at the Jersey Shore or on the Delaware Bay overlooking 15 miles of open water. It’s the epitome of my wife’s and my dreams.

If he had an extra hour each day, he would: Write a couple of personal notes to people who are important to me.

Pet peeve: Petty: Open magazines up and things fall out all over the floor. Real: people who take liberties—who make up their own rules against the grain.

Life view: chance or fate? Chance. In my own life, there have been points when, by going the direction I did, it made a major difference ultimately.

Quality he admires most in others: Integrity. It’s part of your infrastructure as a person. With good integrity, it filters to everything you do.

Most marked characteristic: Sense of humor. I’ve been in banking for 29 years, so making people feel comfortable with what I’m talking to them about is very important—and it comes naturally to me.

Mantra: Quiet achievement. Work hard and do things the best you can.

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