FRONTLINE: 60 Seconds With Writer and Producer Peter Fey

QVC writer/producer Peter Fey

Peter Fey, a writer/producer for QVC, got his 15 minutes of fame and then some when sister Tina Fey (Saturday Night Live, Mean Girls) pulled out a Qforce T-shirt on Jay Leno. The tees were the focus of a contest for QVC employees competing to maximize the company’s exposure by blanketing the media with the logo. The $10,000 grand-prize-winner was Bern Gallagher, who implemented a unique belly-flop contest/fundraiser to benefit Autism Now. Fey received special recognition (and $10,000) for taking QVC buzz to the next level via national television.

MLT: What’s the coolest celebrity event Tina has taken you to?

PF: We had a really great time at the screening of Mean Girls in New York. There were lots of stars there. Lindsay Lohan was wearing a toga, and my mom offered her a pin to close things up a bit.

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MLT: So let’s get this straight—even though your sister didn’t actually wear the shirt, you still won $10K?

PF: Yeah, we did. The audience ate it up. It took a lot for me to ask her to do it. QVC gave me special recognition, the “flip-side” award.

MLT: So, other contestants jumped out of airplanes, belly-flopped. Your sister held up the shirt. I’m thinking for $10,000, she and Leno should have put it on. Did you discuss that beforehand?

PF: She wasn’t even sure they’d let her pull it out. I left it up to her. Leno was great; he sent the shirt back with his caricature and autograph. I may sign it and send it back to him.

MLT: Do you have to split the money with your sister?

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PF: I haven’t heard anything about that. I don’t think so; she’s doing fine. I think we’re going to send her chocolate-covered cherries. I will, however, be sharing the money with my good friends at Capital One.

MLT: Who’s funnier, you or Tina?

PF: Let’s see, I’m a writer/producer at QVC, she’s got a sitcom on NBC. I am.

MLT: Did you know that your sister and Jamie Kennedy were born in the same hospital a week apart?

PF: No, but that’s interesting. TV veteran Herb Sargent—best known for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update—also hailed from Upper Darby. Must be something in the water.

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MLT: Do you think Tina will write you into an episode of her new show? Maybe you could show up on her talk show with a T-shirt for her to wear—only yours would be a lot juicier.

PF: There is a character named Pete, but he gets fired in the first show, so it’s not looking good.

MLT: Have you and Tina ever collaborated on a project?

PF: Not since we were kids—but that was more me performing skits from Saturday Night Live. I used to make audiotapes and perform on Sunday morning. MLT: So you were your sister’s inspiration?

PF: Maybe, but I think it was watching Second City TV that caught her attention.

MLT: Since QVC is giving out prizes to “brand champions,” I’m thinking I should get something for the added exposure.

PF: I’ll buy you lunch at the QVC cafeteria. I should be getting that check any day now.

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