From Agnes Irwin to Glamour

Connie Anne Phillips Proves that having it all is possible.

High school girls routinely devour the pages of women’s magazines, but few get to run them. Connie Anne Phillips is the exception. As a head honcho at Glamour, she’s responsible for the magazine’s marketing and advertising departments. 

Before Glamour, the 1983 Agnes Irwin School graduate was publisher of InStyle. She also worked at Vogue, ascending from account exec to associate publisher to managing director.  

“I was on the senior-yearbook committee and grew up loving magazines,” Phillips says. “Being vice president and publisher of Glamour is my ultimate dream job. My experience at Agnes Irwin taught me that one can, in fact, have it all.”

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Life in the high-power, high-drama world of women’s magazines can be a wild ride. Did AIS prepare her for it? “Mrs. [Martha] Goppelt taught me a life lesson that I use every day and is integral to my success,” Phillips says. “As a sophomore in her English class, she taught me that if you take every moment as a molehill, then you’ll never have to face a mountain. When I landed the largest account of my career, I called her to thank her. It wouldn’t have been possible without that approach.” 

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