Free Light Bulb Finder Mobile App Saves Energy and Money

This practical app helps you determine which CFL bulbs are the best fit for your home.

Maybe you’ve replaced a few of your incandescent bulbs with those money-saving CFLs, but it’s likely that the thought of replacing all the bulbs in your home is a bit overwhelming. You may wonder if they come in all the same shapes and sizes, not too mention if they really save you money.

Thanks to EnergyWorks ( and the Energy Coordinating Agency (, a free mobile app now makes saving energy and money easy for Philadelphia-area residents.

With the “Light Bulb Finder,” you just plug in your zip code and choose the kind of bulb you’re looking for (shape, base size, wattage). The app then tells you what kind of bulb is available, the average cost, how long it’ll take you to recoup your cost, and how much money it’ll save you over the life of the bulb versus an incandescent bulb.

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There’s more! You can also buy the bulb right through the app, or it’ll tell you what stores around you sell it. This could not be simpler. And the Energy Coordinating Agency suggests that switching to CFLs could save you $120 annually.

It’s free, so why not try it? Save the environment, and save some green.

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android Smartphones.

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